Appointments & Referrals


 Susan is available for consultations at two locations, Spring Hill (Monday & Tuesday) and Carseldine (Wednesday & Thursday). Susan is also available to provide Skype/telephone appointments in some circumstances. Please note that Skype/telephone appointments are not eligible for a Medicare rebate.

Susan is registered to provide services under Medicare. Clients referred by psychiatrists or paediatricians, or by General Practitioners under a Mental Health Care Plan, are eligible for a Medicare rebate for up to ten appointments per calendar year. The standard rebate is approximately $74.80. Those referred clients who have reached the Medicare Safety Net for any given calendar year receive this standard rebate plus 80% of the gap. Eligibility for a Mental Health Care Plan is determined by the referring medical practitioner.

If you are unsure as to your eligibility for a Medicare referral, please discuss this with your doctor to enable them to make a decision regarding eligibility. Please note that no referral is required in order to see. Without a referral, however, no Medicare rebate applies. Currently, only a small number of private funds provide rebates for services provided by Susan.

Susan will discuss your presenting concerns with you over the phone prior to your first appointment, and, if necessary, will help you decide who should attend the first appointment. The first appointment may be best attended by an individual, couple or the whole family, depending on the individual or family circumstances and the presenting problem at the time of referral. 

At times, it may be necessary to change or cancel an appointment. You just need to telephone Susan by midday on the business day before the appointment you need to cancel. With sufficient notice, cancellations can often be filled.  If less notice (or no notice) is provided, you will be charged 50% of the full appointment fee. No Medicare rebate applies to this cancelation fee.